Thursday, January 28, 2010

RAPE Is Entertaining, Beta

There's something wrong with any of you who looks at the title of this post and thinks "You GO girl! You're so right!". Because I'm not. But my education system doesn't seem to think so.

Let me explain, before things get ugly. I have mentioned this professor before in this post. He's an absolute thrill to learn from because of his flair for diplomacy, appropriateness and a fine sense of social acceptability. Our class adores him. We don't know how we would get along without him. I have already given him credit for the fact that I'm not dating Salman Khan or indulging in Puppy Love. He guided me and prevented me from making these extremely vital mistakes which I would have made otherwise.

Currently he believes that Criminal Law is all about sex. The truth is, there are quite a few sexual offences but they, in no means, constitute a majority of the Indian Penal Code. He is rather obsessed with Rape and issues concerning the same, which is very discomforting. But seriously, the best statement he has made by far, is "Rape is entertaining!". I will explain the context, though I doubt it's going to redeem that statement anyway.

Awesome McSmartyProf said that all misrepresentations of the law in movies should be banned. A student clarified stating that there was a disclaimer at the beginning of all movies stating that the law and medicine used might be fictitious. He said that a layman wouldn't read that [given, decent point]. Another student said that movies were just entertainment for which he countered "RAPE, is entertainment, beta! Can we allow that one?"

On which planet would any blinking moron find rape entertaining? Or even compare it to movies? I didn't know whether to laugh, be angry, slap him or just write it off as one of his "isms".

So I have finally narrowed down his madness to the following things:
  • He is sick, desperate and sexually frustrated
  • He is an alien from the planet MaleChauvinistPigoid
  • He is Mr.Topsy Turvy who believes that right is wrong and wrong is right
  • He needs to attend a highly recommended course called "Keep It In Your Pants"
Other important lessons from the same bloke:
  • Men should not be forced to be monogamous because they are polygamous by nature
  • Nature has been very unkind to women
  • Drunk Malayalis speak Tamil; drunk Delhiites speak English
  • Criminal Law causes "The rush in the blood"
I don't want to continue. I rest my case.


  1. "malechauvinistpigoid"... Ahahahahahha.... i should consider visiting it !

    P.S what do drunk mallus and delhiites have anything to do with the post ??!!

  2. WTF WAS THAT???
    how many years has he been teaching??
    he beats all frustu teachers i have come across.

  3. @ Weirdo guy: If you DO visit it. I will disown you and deny you of all pav bhaji

    @ Vagabond: It's been about a year now. It's even scarier that he was a practicing lawyer before this, innit?

  4. *gasp*

    not the PAV BHAJI .. alright alright.. am not going

    no blackmailing allowed !

  5. He is becoming creepier day by day. The way he stands near that desk gives me jitters!!!