Friday, January 15, 2010

55 Fiction

So Weirdo Guy, in his blog, out of utter boredom, he claims, did this. 55 Fiction is where you attempt a short story in 55 words. Here's my attempt. Don't be too harsh.

He wished he’d bought that rocking chair she’d always wanted, where she could sit and read the morning paper and sip that obnoxiously expensive tea.

“But that’ll have to wait”, he thought; as he watched the rest of the ship sink, grabbing on to his plank which was floating further and further away into nothingness.

There, exactly 55 words. And while I feel compelled to add a smiley face over here, I won't


  1. oi that was nice...there. good going. btw the header image is another one.

  2. No, I think it manages to communicate without the smiley face, just right...

    p.s - typo in the spelling of "thought" :-) A smiley here, is more appropriate to overcome the awkwardness of having to point out a typo to a writer....

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. ^bullshee

    you shouldn't be pointing out typos you know.... that's not very nice of you

    now look at me for example. i appreciated the good writing without pointing out the typo in the first line where sharanyaa typed she's instead of she'd and i-


    me and my big mouth


  5. @ Bullshee & Weirdo : FANKS for pointing that out... If any of you read my first post I warned the junta about my Typo-Queendom...
    I generally proof read though. Dunno what happened this time.
    @ Vagabond: Thank you