Thursday, February 18, 2010

So Not Naked?

Is it just me or are Hollywood celebrities shedding more and more clothes these days? While the "good girl gone bad" theme is definitely in, how stupid do you have to be to keep naked pictures of yourself for people to easily access and publish?

It started off with Miley Cyrus' photos where she was wearing just underclothes. She took it on her webcam or something and ultimately it landed up on every teenage or pedophilic male's computer. Parents also somehow caught a whiff of this widely publicised scandal and lashed out at the teen star for betraying their trust and corrupting their 15 year old kids' minds. Are you kidding me? Every 15 year old now knows everything there is to know about the birds and the bees. I hate to break it to you, parents, but Miley or no Miley, they'd probably be doing the same things.

Harry Potter star Danielle Radcliffe played a role in a theatre production called Equus. It was about a disturbed boy who was aroused by horses and hence rode them naked. Posters came out of the previously bespectacled little wizard-boy sporting six-pack abs and completely shirtless. In fact, he was completely naked during the play. Parents were infuriated again by the fact that young Harry Potter was now being corrupt and sexual. Firstly, he was 19 or 20 when he did this and he wanted to explore different aspects of his career. Leave him be. Secondly, where were you when Harry Potter himself was running around "snogging" Cho Chang and Ginny? Nobody is forcing you to take your kids to the play and watch Radcliffe parade around naked.

Then came Vanessa Hudgens. Ah, you stupid stupid girl. What's wrong with you? She took nude pictures of herself on her phone camera and stored them for god knows what. Her phone got hacked and next thing you know, those pictures are all over the internet. The sweet and holy "High School Musical" star then became a bad, bad girl. After clearing out all the press, one of two things happened:
1. She missed the publicity desperately
2. She got hit on the head so hard that she forgot that she shouldn't be stupid
I say this because the girl took more pictures of herself naked on the same phone which got hacked again and there we have it! More pictures of Ms. Hudgens and her girlyparts! I wonder how Zac Efron feels knowing that half the world has seen his girlfriend naked.

All of this along with Britney Spears showing off her *cough cough*, Cassie Ventura and her nude photos and probably a whole archive of C-List celebrities have made scandals and controversies a lot less scandalous and controversial. Simply because the next time I hear that someone or the other has nude photos of themselves on the internet, I'm just not surprised. In so far as it being a publicity stunt, I guess the fact that I'm writing about it makes it pretty clear that nakey-nakey time sells!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday Woes: University Food

To explain the title, this is a little concept I'm experimenting with. A Wednesday Woe is anything I feel not-so-happy about on a Wednesday. Well, not necessarily on a Wednesday but I write about it on Wednesday; just because it's a convenient time of the week. I'm hoping this can turn into something I can do once in two weeks, which makes it twice a month. We can't have a Wednesday Woe overdose now, can we? And you know what's even more exciting? My new Adopt-A-Woe programme! This involves you naming a 'woe' of yours and me adopting the ones I connect with and writing about it. Alright, who am I kidding? That's a fancy way of me asking for suggestions. Anyway, here we go.

I haven't heard any Indian student tell me that their University has great food on campus. Don't pick now to raid the comments page and tell me that your university has great food, cause if it did, you would have told me earlier.

My university has four places where you can catch a bite to eat. All four of them serve trash. I don't know how that's even possible. The food is bad, substandard, watery, not filling and all in all, unsatisfactory. I'm sure you can take the same ingredients, spend the same amount of money, and make much much better food. Just look at those places that open just outside the university gates. They are cheaper, serve better food and are much faster. Employ them!

Karnataka Sambar is also prevalent in my canteen. Sambar is supposed to be a thickish and spicy/salty gravy-type thing. Karnataka Sambar has sugar added to that. It is the oddest tasting thing. The pastries are strange and squishy, the coffee is watery, the food is oily so I stick to one principle. If it's not pre-packaged, it probably won't taste good.

But this institution of mine became smart this semester and introduced a juice and sandwich joint. Though I get sick of eating sandwiches everyday, at least there is one thing on campus worth eating.

So while I go and figure out if there is actually a canteen-conspiracy to make us all lose weight, drop a comment and share a woe. You will be thanked with e-hugs and appreciation from the bottom of my heart.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Am Competing. w00t

I know I blog for fun but a little exposure wouldn't hurt, right.
The Colors Magazine has a Blog Contest! So I thought I'd give it a try! Anyone interested in participating can do so by looking into this link right here.

If I win, I will send you all a hug. If I don't, I won't. It depends on how good looking you are.

Last Time I Checked...

Rahul Mahajan. Honestly, all that comes into mind when I think of this guy is the fact that some years ago, he was caught for snorting cocaine through rolled up 500 Rupee notes. I'm sure he would've used the 1000 Rupee ones except for I don't think they were available back then.

The bloke apparently married some girl called Shweta who later filed for divorce because he was beating her black and blue and after knowing him for 13 years and agreeing to marry him, they suddenly became 'incompatible'. Is is just me or is all of this really suspicious sounding?

Alright, alright! Whatever Rahul Mahajan does is his prerogative. After all, he is an aspiring politician and needs his fair share of publicity and scandals. Otherwise, I would've barely known who he was. But what's with this Swayamvar?

Sixteen, yes SIXTEEN, girls have thrown themselves onto this wife beating, drug snorting psychopath for a chance to marry him [for his money] and live a happy life [of black-wealth, pseudo-fame and abuse]. As usual, my roommate is glued on to the TV watching intently as these girls profess their love for a man they don't even know, writing him poems and being vulnerable and all that schabazz. I want to strangle her, but cannot [for legal reasons alone].

So while Indian television sinks to new lows, American celebrities are getting younger and younger. I have no problems with young celebrities. I think it's awesome [as long as they don't succumb to all the pressure and end up becoming drug addicted, face lifting wierdos]. But what's with 15 year olds singing 22 year old stuff. Take Justin Bieber, for instance. It's awesome that he's a very talented singer, self taught guitarist, pianist, drummer yadda yadda... but seriously. Here's a 15 year old singing about commitment, packing bags, bad ex-relationships and such like. How many [live in] girlfriends could he have possibly had, and why, pray tell, is he running after an obviously much older girl by keeping a piece of her clothing hostage? Here's the video. The comments are full of older women feeling like pedophiles for finding him hot. I'm 4 years older than him and I want to pet him. That's how little-boyish he seems.

I also watched a tiny little girl named Raveena dance with a bunch of women who seemed to be performing in some kind of S&M bondage video on VH1. I was scared. Honestly, why would you do that to a little girl who still has puppy fat and is in serious need for braces. She has milk teeth, for crying out loud! I can't find the video but if any of you know what I'm talking about please let me know. She's an American of Indian Origin, I presume. When you see it, you'll realise immediately. It's hard to miss. Oh wait, less work for you! Here's the video.

So while I'm losing my faith in good entertainment, the world is turning pink. That's right! It's that time of the year again when everything turns flowery, hearty, expensive and cheesy. Valentine's Day is here and I'm going to cut off my own finger slowly and painfully with a butter knife. That seems like a more productive thing to do with my time than indulge in this hallmark-induced psycho-fest. I'll let you know how that goes.