Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday Woes: University Food

To explain the title, this is a little concept I'm experimenting with. A Wednesday Woe is anything I feel not-so-happy about on a Wednesday. Well, not necessarily on a Wednesday but I write about it on Wednesday; just because it's a convenient time of the week. I'm hoping this can turn into something I can do once in two weeks, which makes it twice a month. We can't have a Wednesday Woe overdose now, can we? And you know what's even more exciting? My new Adopt-A-Woe programme! This involves you naming a 'woe' of yours and me adopting the ones I connect with and writing about it. Alright, who am I kidding? That's a fancy way of me asking for suggestions. Anyway, here we go.

I haven't heard any Indian student tell me that their University has great food on campus. Don't pick now to raid the comments page and tell me that your university has great food, cause if it did, you would have told me earlier.

My university has four places where you can catch a bite to eat. All four of them serve trash. I don't know how that's even possible. The food is bad, substandard, watery, not filling and all in all, unsatisfactory. I'm sure you can take the same ingredients, spend the same amount of money, and make much much better food. Just look at those places that open just outside the university gates. They are cheaper, serve better food and are much faster. Employ them!

Karnataka Sambar is also prevalent in my canteen. Sambar is supposed to be a thickish and spicy/salty gravy-type thing. Karnataka Sambar has sugar added to that. It is the oddest tasting thing. The pastries are strange and squishy, the coffee is watery, the food is oily so I stick to one principle. If it's not pre-packaged, it probably won't taste good.

But this institution of mine became smart this semester and introduced a juice and sandwich joint. Though I get sick of eating sandwiches everyday, at least there is one thing on campus worth eating.

So while I go and figure out if there is actually a canteen-conspiracy to make us all lose weight, drop a comment and share a woe. You will be thanked with e-hugs and appreciation from the bottom of my heart.


  1. I was thinking about the sandwich place in your university and was wondering why you were cribbing when you have the joint near the basketball court! Anyway, everyday is annoying. I know that.

    Woe : a mother addicted to temples.

  2. Here's my list of woes -
    - politics in the office/workplace
    - clubs shutting down at 11:30
    - ban on dancing when that's the only way you can get rid of alcohol in your system
    - maids who destroy clothes
    - children who destroy couches, carpets, books and clothes
    - bad haircuts
    - ladies who display eye popping cleavage and bizaare looking clothes to work
    - bad canteen food
    - southie restaurants who don't know how to make nortie chaat
    - northies who snoot about living in south india
    - troublesome auto drivers. Why the hell don't they replace them with Revas anyway
    - educated folks who can't deal with their own garbage
    - peeing on the streets

    and the list can go on...

    I guess I have a large number of random woes!

  3. IITM actually has not-so-bad food.

  4. as long as i get food i'm happy!