Tuesday, January 19, 2010

And Ode To The Shatabdi

Tomorrow I'll get on that train
I'll ride on it all day,
Through the crazy landscapes
Fading with the final ray.

I'll see the suburban millionaires,
In houses that look like cake.
And cows and trees and wires and lights.
A green and scummy lake.

I'll sit next to that strange man,
Who talks a lot of shit,
Who wears a little moustache,
And tells me I look "fit".

I'll look at the train food,
And wonder what it is.
And think "I've never ever
seen Paneer as red as this"

I'll listen to music on my iPod
For so long that my ears say "eeeee".
I'll think about my aunt
Who says deafness will soon find me

I'll watch my watch intently
For the final hour till 10
When I can get off the Shatabdi
And get back home again.


  1. You rock girl or should I say 'jostle' because it is Shatabdi?

    Poetic, stuff eh!
    Good one! Keep going gal!

  2. i think i just heard percy shelley groan in her grave ! :P

    just kidding ! i always preferred rhyming poems over those non rhyming 'deep meaning' ones that seem to the fad these days ..

    Go retro !

  3. @ Paddy: Thanks was just experimenting
    @ Weirdo: I feel like I wrote tonnes of poems about my pent up teenage angst in 10th grade. It was highly poetic and abstract. I've evolved to this. Honest ;p

  4. Hey did'nt know you could do this!!! Pretty good for an experiment.