Thursday, December 17, 2009

Of Mama's Boys and Silly Brains

We all get an education. We have to get an education. I mean, where would we be without an education? Unthinkable! Now, what comes along with that education? They come in many shapes, sizes and colours, they are a breed of their own with strange patterns of socialisation, and nobody knows what they eat. That's right, teachers!

Everyone has quirky teachers who do all kinds of strange thing. It's like back in highschool when every single kid I met claimed that their teacher [usually the one in charge of Physical Training], and nobody else's said one of the following things:
  • Stand in a straight circle
  • Open the window and let the atmosphere come in
  • Boys to the left, girls to the right, rest in the middle
  • The school's principal just passed away [instead of passed by]

And such like. These are completely unoriginal and in all probability, one professor said something along those lines about two decades ago and updated versions of the same [trust me, I've heard them in different permutations and combinations], constantly crop up to my utter displeasure.

Fortunately, university life brings with it a putting to rest of those jokes. But unfortunately for me, it also brought with it an extremely awkward, incorrect and misinformed professor. I fear that I might imbibe some of his so called values. He believes that we must get a well rounded education due to which he must give us life lessons rather than teach us the law. "Forget about the law!", is his trademark line. Sounded to me like he'd forgotten it a long time ago and couldn't bother reminding himself in order to teach a class. Here are some of his invaluable teachings.


Our first class with this man began with him telling us that handsome boys were always "mamas boys" and they had only one thing on their minds. Once they marry you, they'd do te deed and never take any more responsibility ever! Pretty girls, on the other hand, had "silly brains". If boys marry them, they'll mother them and make them wish they were never born. Therefore, we should never get married.

One day, I loudly and vehemently agreed with him when he said the following thing: "You know, students; All the ideas I get for your class, I get when I'm in the toilet. Can you believe that thing?". I mean, what did you expect me to do? Obviously, this ended up in a retaliation with him telling me that I would not get married and that was a hypocrit because at 19, I couldn't come up with a reason for getting married. Don't ask! I'm still trying to make the connection.


Our resident love pundit professor told us that we could never be in love. This is because 20 and 21 year olds are only capable of "puppy love" and not commitment. Also, he told us to steer clear of actors and actresses like Salman Khan and Priyanka Chopra because they'd always think they can do better than us and then leave us high and dry. Listen to the man. Don't date famous people.


So we're in a law school. Mr. Studly McProfessor here is supposed to teach us law. A student proposed a hypothetical case and asked him about the point of law which could be used. Here was the prompt reply "You see, in the coutroom, it's about the emotion. We have to bring in the emotions to convince the people. The law, you can even forget!"

I mean, are you serious man?

So as you might have all assessed by now, I don't know how I'd be getting on in the world without this professor. He has taught me all the important things in life, which are outside the law, yet extremely vital. If not for him, I would be dating Salman Khan and not thinking of marriage. But thanks to him, I am now married and have made my husband sign a piece of paper certifyng that our love isn't just "puppy love"


  1. Also For teachers, there was one favorite exam rule:


  2. Hahahha! I must've heard that somewhere!!! These "jokes" are generationless =)

  3. i might be embarassing myself greatly here, but i'd like to know - is your name sharanyaa vasan?