Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Mercedes? Poor You!

I have described Bangalore traffic before, haven't I? Sometimes, when I sit in vehicles with slightly more adventurous drivers, I close my eyes to avoid freaking out over how close other vehicles get. I'd like to say that they've all perfected the art of bobbing and weaving through traffic gracefully, but they haven't. There are several accidents. Every car has some chip in it, a dent maybe, a missing rear-view mirror, a broken tail-light or perhaps a glorious scratch running along its side. It's characteristic.

Now, this situation being a fact; why, pray tell, do people own cars like Mercedes, Audis, Hummers etc., in Bangalore? I can imagine wanting to take your smooth, swank new car out on a drive on a glistening highway somewhere, with the windows down and the music up. But c'mon, how fun can it be to drive a bloody expensive, large car through arrogant traffic, trying to keep a look out constantly for things that are trying to damage it. Also, why do you want a rape a perfectly good car by driving over all those potholes.

Alright, car experts, bring it on! Tell me that I'm wrong and that these good cars can withstand anything. Tell me that they are works of art and need no context. You'll all still be wrong! You know why? It's because people still worry about their cars. And if nobody chips your spanking new Audi, I will, just to prove a point. Spending a lot of money on a car is understandable. Don't get me wrong. I'm a strong believer of the "To each their own" principle. Spending a lot of money on a car, and then driving it around Bangalore simultaneously biting your nails and dripping beads of sweat due to the anguish and worry that comes along with protecting your darling car, is that really worth it?

Here comes my other big issue. Alright, you've bought an expensive car to drive around Bangalore. You love it, your friends love it, you friends even tell their friends about it. Awesome! Please, drive it yourself! Don't give it to your chauffer/driver to drive around. He probably has more fun with it than you do. Who did you buy the car for?

If any of you own a car of this sort, don't hate me. I might have an opinion, but I also need a ride now and then. I'm too scared to drive.


  1. its pretty simple actually...the car is a sign of the level of success for most people, it doesnt even matter if its a good car or not as long as its big, shiny and enviable for eg the hummer (i HATE hummers, and no hate isn't too strong a word)
    for most people its just a way of validating themselves and their chosen careers, and the car being the most portable of those validating factors of life is taken out on the roads even if they are as horrible as bangalores',
    for similar reasons they dont drive them, they believe if i can earn enough to buy it then i can surely pay someone to drive it around for me...
    those expensive cars are actually much like those trophy wives they will have on their arms..

  2. I totally agree. I mean who does one buy the car for??

  3. isnt it stupid to have a nice expensive car and then have a driver who drives it? crazy!

  4. I have a theory about big expensive car and their owners...the size of your car is inversely propotional to their self esteem!

  5. Been There, Done That.. I Can Totally Relate To Sitting Back & Closing Your Eyes To Avoid A Panic Attack.LoL. I Don't Know This, But Maybe They Don't Hold There Cars In High Value Like We Do In The States.. In America, Almost Every Possesion Is Looked At, And Used To Place Us In A Certain "Class".. I'm Sure They Love Their Cars, And Do Consider Them Worthy Indulges, But The Reckless Driving Obviously Shows That They Can't Possibly Have It On Too High Of A Pedastal. Love Your Writing! Take Care.

  6. @ Brandon: Yeah I've been on American freeways and the roads and stuff. The traffic manners are generally pretty damn good and the roads are good to drive on. Can't say the same for my city though!
    Here's my itch with what I noticed in America... I see all these great looking soft-tops in california and florida and inevitably the people driving them are way older and don't really look that cool... even though their license plates say "MY TOY" and such like ;)

  7. But not all those who buy expensive like driving . The possession of one is a status symbol