Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Earmuff Effect

A new phenomenon has swept my hometown of Chennai. A strange phenomenon whose origins are unknown and illogical. A phenomenon nobody has managed to explain to me. Curious yet?

Let me break the suspense. What's with all the guys wearing camouflage earmuffs?

I see these all over the street nowadays. They are in the shape of neck-phones [those earphones you wear around your neck] and they are coloured just like army camouflage. Nobody knows why they are worn or why these people think it's 'cool'.

For those who are not very sure about the city, Chennai is hot and humid. We have four seasons which can aptly be named Almost Summer, Summer, ZOMG I'M BURNING AND DYING and Monsoon. The coldest it can ever get is 20 degrees celcius, and that's so rare that people living outside Chennai will hear about it from all their Chennai-resident friends. Now where is the room for these earmuffs? Why would one require them?

A guy wearing the aforementioned earmuffs is easily identifiable. Even if you can't clearly see his uber-cool accessory, he can be recognised by his mean swagger, a glint in his eye, overconfidence and also thinks that he has the one secret weapon which will make girls flock to him and beg him to take their numbers.

Maybe I'm missing something here. Maybe I'm somehow immune to its attraction powers due to a childhood accident which messed with my brain. The same accident which makes me think that Shah Rukh Khan and Tom Cruise aren't really attractive. The very same one that makes me believe that Keanu Reeves is an alien. The exact same one that makes me a non-believer of the 'Axe Effect'. But I still don't get it. Hence, I want people to stop wearing it. Because really, it's as lame as this blog post.


  1. In their defence, Chennai has been pretty damn cold over the last month.

    But the earmuffs ARE ridiculous.

  2. Okay Sharanyaa. Paavam, these fellows. They have not lived outside Chennai. When it gets cold, they get scared. Hypochondriacs worrying about jaladosham pudichifying them. Cut them some slack.

    But I'll tell you whats unacceptable. When all of us went to Copper Chimney for dinner, a guy was wearing one of those. You were in Bangalore at that time! Hilarious.

  3. Totally agree with you. I noticed them all over Chennai this time, and wondered about what was going on !!