Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Of Vlogs

After weeks of debating with myself about whether I wanted to be a blogger or a vlogger, I decided to try blogging due to the following reasons:
  • The chances of me embarassing myself are less; not non-existent, but less
  • I don't feel as awkward typing as I feel trying to talk to a camera
  • If it doesn't work out, I can just pretend that my blog never existed
  • I don't need to deal with youtube comments from bored brazilians telling me that I look like a boy and I should get a life.

I should also take the time to mention that the biggest con for me when it comes to blogging is that I typo a lot. The most common of my typos being "borthday". But the pros of blogging enlisted above closed the deal for me and I am now, officially, a blogger.

Alright so right now, since my mind is drawing an epic blogging blank [FAIL], I am going to talk about youtube. I mean, what's better than blogging about vlogs, right? IN YOUR FACE!

I won't lie, I'd like to say that I'm busy all the time doing important things like saving the world, but I spend a lot of time on YouTube. I love vlogs. I am absolutely baffled though, that people can be so spontaneous, witty and interesting when they're alone with nothing but a camera [most of the time]. But then is strikes me that they're probably all those things BECAUSE they're alone with just their blinking camera. I really enjoy the vlogs of AmazingPhil and MattG124 to name a few.

My life is too boring for me to vlog. Especially after the decision to get into law school, especially MY law school, which I now fear was driven purely by a sense of self loathing. Vloggers have such interesting lives. Especially when they're successful vloggers, cause then they make their lives more interesting for their vlogs to be more interesting. The more obscure, strange and funny they are, the more famous they are. I'm sure if I actually saw a vlogger I liked on the street I'd yell, run at them and ask for an autograph before I remind myself that I'm acting like a 10 year old who just saw Joe Jonas. The point being, vloggers actually turn into celebrities. I bet they even have stalkers. And twitter and facebook make stalking oh so simple. But we don't like stalkers, do we?

And since stalkers are such an unpleasant subject, I'm going to leave you now with a public message very close to my heart. DON'T STALK PEOPLE. Think of all the people you will be traumatising and ask yourself "What would Oprah do?"


  1. Oprah would probably be happy and welcome to the world of Blogging and correct your spelling to OBSCURE. Anyway, since I'm not an Oprah fan, I shall do the opposite. I shall stalk you here day in and day out. You could call for the Incredible Hulk for help!

    \/ PeAce \/
    Newly - Attained Nirvana Boy

  2. Oprah would call someone to talk about it. Maybe solve their problems..... but thats a story left to another day.

    On a more serious note - Really @ Vlogging? I hate the sound of my voice. I sound like a retard on camera. I don't see how these people do it.

  3. Welcome aboard Vloggerati!

    oh and btw Borthday?! LOL.. too much Kushkin effect i see :P

    nice posts.. keep at it.. =)

  4. Hi Sharanyaa

    blogging is a lot of slog work, lot of logging to do and you end up hogging a lot of space....how's that for a start!


  5. Hahaha...
    @ Kushan: you seem to have Oprah fiuted out!!
    @ Prasad: You too... And I was seriously considering Vlogging cause I haven't seen any Indian Vloggers in the circuit. But I'll never say never cause there have been many successfun blog-turned-vlogs
    @ Asiya: That typo has nothing to do with the kushkin effect, really. That's how my fingers function.
    @ PN: My GOD the if you fon't stop FLOGGING the topic, I'll be LOGGING out for good!

  6. you are a funny little midget!! :)