Friday, December 25, 2009

Might I Suggest 'Adam Teasing'?

Can somebody please explain to me why some men enjoy passing strange comments and whistling at any female that passes by? Honestly, I don't think it serves any purpose other than repulsion. Also, if the cat-calling, wolf-whistling, comment-passing stranger is in fact a dangerous rapist-murderer-type person, he's literally waving a KEEP AWAY banner by doing those things. Therefore he will never succeed in raping/molesting/murdering the person he's 'eve-teasing'

Even though I have once been mistaken as a boy and left alone, I get random comments thrown my way all the time. Just because I'm a girl. There's no other criterion. Pretty, slim, tall, fat, revealingly clothed; none of this matters. An eve-teaser's motto: See Female, Will Make Obscene Noises! So when such things happen to me, I am usually at a loss for words. Simply because I don't know whether to laugh, cry, run, yell or call the cops. Let me give you a few examples of the things that have been said to me. Honestly, I think 40% of the effect is lost when I translate it to English, and another 30% when it's written down and not immitated by me. But here are the 30% effective comments I've recieved:
  • "Dude, chech her out! She's a masala item!"
  • "Heyyy... Chocolate, Chocolate" [Pronounced Saak-lait]
  • "Smile for me, babies"
  • "Where are you going, darling?" [Pronounced dor-ling]
  • "Hi Baby! I lou you!"

There are several others, but I still can't help but to wonder why these comments are passed. What do they expect to achieve? I hate it when men stand and stare at us women while we're walking around on the street shamelessly. But in a way, the unapologetic gaping is more understandable than these comments. They are not flattering, alluring or anything positive. It won't make me walk up to them, thank them and give them my number. It won't make me want to dress better next time and give them my most dazzling smile for a better 'compliment'. It just makes me want to throw up, and then walk around wearing an invisibility cloak; or better yet, walk around wrapped in a blanket.

Since every Tom, Dick and Harry has a mobile phone these days, a new wave of 'eve-teasing' has begun. It started with one desperate guy thinking "Let me call up every random number I can think of until a female picks up the phone!" Brilliant! Once they find a female voice, they sometimes pass the number on to their friends, etc. This further reduces the criteria, you're judging by just a voice. I once got a call, I answered the phone and asked who it was. The guy introduced himself and asked for my name. I told him he'd gotten the wrong number and I didn't know him. This was his response: "No madam! Correct number only! Who are you? What are you do? You ate dinner?"

Wait... WHAT?!

So I told him that I hadn't eaten dinner yet and we both met up that very night. We had a lovely dinner at a nearby restaurant and now we're married. NO! I hung up, and saved his number as 'Do Not Answer' so I never answer his calls.

I'm so fed up of going through all of this. I suggest that we turn the tables a little bit. I propose [drum roll] 'Adam Teasing'!! Adam Teasers will be a group of girls who sit on ledges or bikes, stand on the street or outside little stores and wolf-whistle, cat-call, wink and pass derogatory comments at every male that passes by. These comments can be regarding their clothes, physique, appearance, or how you want to rape them. I think this is the only thing that can get me even a little bit close to understanding the cheap adrenaline rush derived by men while doing the same to girls. Anyone interested, please leave a note. I promise to give it a try and photo-document my efforts. I'll post a picture up, even! Give me a week.


  1. Amazing suggestion! Adam Teasing sounds like the perfect way to counter Eve teasing. The condition, of course, is that it's practiced by a group; I have noticed guys get a bit too impressed when one girl does the 'adam teasing':P

  2. Adam teasing will only make things worse. These guys will believe that you women are giving them attention. The commenting ones are mostly harmless. They only want friendship with you on orkut. And, they want to brag to their friends about these things. I know its too difficult for us to comprehend, but don't give a damn. Also, Adam teasing isn't safe. Don't do it.

  3. @ Gunther: Yeah I get how that whole thing can be counter productive... so I want to fix that by making men letch at other men

    @ Harish: Don't worry, little one... Aunty will safe ;p