Friday, April 16, 2010

Territorial Pissings

Don't you just love the smell of stale urine wafting your way? Even if you have no intention of sniffing it; hell, even if you resist sniffing it with all your might, those little tendrils of yellow smell pry open your nostrils and weasel their way into your olfactory sensitivities.

I think that this compulsive need to pee on the streets. I was walking down the road leading to the beach tonight and I noticed about 7 distinct areas which smelled very strongly of pee, characterised by drippy marks running down the wall. What I found even more curious is that there was a free public toilet just around the corner which didn't smell of urine at all.

So I can only attribute this road-peeing to primal territorial tendencies. That way, the auto drivers now own most of Chennai. But seriously, how can it even be territorially effective? Won't your pee scent get mixed with other pee scents and make us believe that a strange hybrid of about 10 men own the same spot?

I like that the city has been getting innovative in trying to stop these excretory offenders. They paint the walls with pictures of gods, religious symbols and in the case of Bangalore, they just paint may 'pretty' pictures all over the walls. I hope this works but something tells me the urge to pee on a wall is greater than all these base aesthetic and possibly even religious considerations.

But somewhere down the line, I don't blame a lot of them. Especially the ones who don't work in offices with proper pee-space. The number of places available for bladder relief are few and not very frequent. Therefore it's probably a choice they're making between the wall and their pants. The choice is very obvious and the smell is very evident.

If only pee smelled like Cool Water by Davidoff. [Because everyone I've ever come across claims to like that perfume]


  1. I read in a newspaper recently that Indians have more mobile phones than proper places to defecate.

  2. Our "aim" is to keep the city clean - make sure your "aim" is right!

  3. well.. when you gotta go.. you GOTTA go

  4. Well even down here in Sydney we indians never tend to forget to 'mark' our territory as and when the opportunity arises :)

    LoL @ CoolWater

  5. Why do MEN pee everywhere? Because we CAN! Lol!!!

    P.s- Cool Water IS nice! But I've become a Hugo Boss man, myself...

  6. @ Koze: That's pretty shocking. But the fact that everyone has a mobile phone makes it a little less shocking because while it is a one mobile per person kind of rule, it's barely ever a one potty per person kind of rule.
    @ Naresh: Why?
    @ Wierdo: Even in your pants?
    @ DPhatsez: You've got to be kidding me!
    @ Bulshee: If I were a man for a day, I'd pee standing up! Seriously. But you people have smelly urine. And good choice, Boss definitely smells... sexier :P

  7. What would you do if you urge to pee?If we travel by a bus for a long distance it's very hard to control the bladder.You will know and just be aware when bladder expands enough.We try to hold the urine in our fullest strength ,but finally it comes to no avail.After sometime we lost the awareness and consciousness and end with a lamentable failure by wetting pants.Only then we do realize that we'v done it when a cool sensation comes all over our legs.So I think it's better to pee somewhere else in the corner places or show dare to pee ourselves than holding it for long time by shivering our both legs,keeping the legs crossed ,thereby leading to serious kidney problems.And now do you find any wrong with us peeing in public?Then what to do else,we men, are subjected to do this when we face this desperate situation.But,anyway,I don't know the inner mentality of girls.I think they have not much problem as we face since many of the safety measures introduced by the major companies to prevent them from ssss !!! But please don't raise eyebrows and burst out at me for saying this true fact. To put the record straight ,pee problems in girls while travelling by bus or in other,whatever,are few and far between. Would you mind if I ask u a question? What would you do if your bladder is full and about to explode when you are travelling by a bus or get stuck in a busy traffic?

  8. Who's there in streets to wash away the smelly yellow urine ? The stench comes in toilet too if not washed,but in the case of girls they wash the urine after peeing on the floor.So as a result no foul smell arises.

    To put it mildly,I often like the light smell of urine !!!!